Meet Dr. Mark Hinman, French Horn

Mark Hinman began playing the French horn in 4th grade. He continued playing through college and then played intermittently until returning to Longmont in 1993. He then started playing with a small brass group at the First Lutheran Church in Longmont for church holidays. Mark joined the Longmont Concert Band about 10 years ago and joined Boulder Concert Band a couple of years later, encouraged by follow Horn player Amy O’Donnell. Mark also served three years on the Boulder Concert Band Board.

"I enjoy the music, people and opportunity to play throughout the year," commented Mark.

Mark is thankful for the support of family, especially his wife. "She is wonderful and lets me continue to practice in the house even though my youngest daughter's harp is much more soothing to the ear," he says.

When Mark's not playing his Horn, he can often be found on the tennis court. "I enjoy playing and through the winter I am lucky enough to get to play indoors a few times a month," said Mark. "During the spring and summer I enjoy playing on USTA leagues for both men’s teams and mixed teams." Tennis anyone?

How long have you been in the Boulder Concert Band?
About eight years.

Does your Horn have a name?
No name, but it has been a trusty companion for 40 years.

What is the most recent concert you've attended?
Les Miserable at the Midtown Arts Center in Ft. Collins.

What is the most recent book you've read?
The Skeleton Coast by Clive Cussler. It has plenty of action and is hard to put down. Not a good choice with the Olympics going on!

What is your favorite meal?
From my military days in Germany, Rahmschnitzel with spaetzle, and of course a pilsner.

What is your favorite movie?
The Count of Monte Cristo.

What is/was your occupation?
My day job, which often can be a night job, is as a family physician. I am one of the few physicians who owns and works in a single physician office. My wife takes care of the insurance billing. I see my patients in the hospital and rarely, make house calls. I enjoy working with patients and the relationships that have developed through the years. A few of my patients were patients of my father, who was also a family physician, dating back to the 1960s.