Throughout history the Western world has been fascinated with Eastern cultures.

From Marco Polo through ‘Nixon in China’ to ‘The Interview,’ geo-political challenges, curiosity and misconceptions persist. Even though we are more connected than ever, we still have so much to learn from each other.

‘East Meets West’ is about exploring, preserving and blending cultures. Composer Chen Yi endured China’s Cultural Revolution. She practiced her violin and piano in secret until she and her family were forced into labor. Now she is a celebrated Chinese-American composer and composition professor.

Aaron Copland, son of immigrants, sought to create an American Style of classical music while Charles Ives, son of a Civil War bandleader, quietly revolutionized modern music in his spare time while running a successful insurance firm.

All three have changed the musical landscape in America, yet their stories could not be more different. Join us for a musical celebration of what happens when East Meets West.

- William Kinne
Music director and conductor, Boulder Concert Band

More details to come on our second spring concert!